AncestralHistory and Alzheimer's Disease

As you are aware, AncestralHistory is a full service genealogical company with a mission in preserving family memories. As you likely know, Alzheimer's disease randomly robs individuals of these precious thoughts. In an effort to defeat this dreadful ailment, AncestralHistory is participating in the annual Alzheimer's walk for memories and life.

Three years ago, my mother-in-law had Alzheimer’s disease and passed away. The effects began manifesting about 8 years earlier. It was a long and dreadful battle. During the illness, my father-in-law was a Saint. At first, they both wondered what was happening. Finally, they got a diagnosis, but it was late in the disease’s progress. The early symptoms manifested as short term memory loss with an uncanny ability to remember long-term recollections, but soon after, the long-term memories also faded. Her malady had several difficult complications. She began wandering, became accusatory, and eventually became combative. These are all signs of the disease’s progress. In the end, her brain shut down, and her motor skills and organ functions ceased. It was difficult for her and my father.

AncestralHistory is seeing the disease more and at earlier ages. For instance, we are acquainted with a Navy commander who is in his last stages, and he is only 65. Those affected range in age, but as we live longer, the probability of getting the disease seems to increase. It obviously affects the patient, but it is extremely difficult on the caregiver, too. Fortunately, prior to the end, my father was able to acquire 24 hour care, but most cannot afford this. Alzheimer's indiscriminate nature needs a cure, and you can help.

Personally, this disease concerns me. It has touched my life in a way never expected. The last time I spoke to my mother-in-law, we were standing in a Tennessee field nestled in the mountains. It was a beautiful day. Enjoying the moment, she looked at me and couldn’t remember my name. She was embarrassed. When I gently reminded her, she wept and shared her fear of the future. My last words to her were, “Whether you remember my name or not, it doesn’t matter. I love you regardless.” As far as I know, she never recalled my presence or had any memory of me.

If you would be interested in sponsoring the effort to find a cure for Alzheimer's, please go to and donate. If you would like to support AncestralHistory in this cause, you simply click the donate link next to my name. All proceeds go to the foundation.

Thank you for considering this opportunity…

Ronald Berkebile

#AlzheimersDisease #memories #caregivers

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