Virginia Genealogical Society Conference

Last weekend, AncestralHistory was in Richmond, VA attending Virginia's Genealogical Conference. The lectures illustrated the efficient use of's Anne Gillespie Mitchell came to the conference to share her perspective for using the website. Topics included searching the website, telling your story using the website, understanding military history, and sharing your female ancestral story.

AncestralHistory is grateful for all the interested patrons who spent time at our booth. We met some very interesting people. One visitor was in search of a family link to a founding father (Patrick Henry), another shared his story about his family link to George Washington's slaves, and several visitors were interested in AncestralHistory's digitization services.

We are grateful for the Society's conference and special thanks go to Chuck Novak. Organizing the conference is difficult, and Chuck was able to organize two conferences back-to-back. Thanks for taking care of AncestralHistory!

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