Fairfax Genealogical Society Conference

AncestralHistory had an opportunity to host an exhibition booth at the Fairfax Genealogical Society's Spring Conference. Many thanks go to the conference organizers and especially Chuck Novak. The conference was fantastic. The session diversity was inviting, the speakers demonstrated a very high level of expertise, and the accommodation was first-class. AncestralHistory would also like to congratulate Lynne Miller. Lynne was the lucky winner of a Value membership! Lastly, we'd like to thank all those interested genealogists who shared their stories. We met an ancestor of Supreme Court Justice John M Harlan and some searching for their family presidential connections. Too, original Jamestown settlement, American Revolution, and Civil War soldier descendants shared their heroic stories. Thank you to all! Whether on your own or through AncestralHistory, please tell your stories...Your descendants will one day appreciate your effort! There are some wonderful historical accounts in Northern Virginia!

#sessions #speakers #JohnMHarlan #Jamestownsettlement #AmericanRevolution #CivilWar #soldiers #descendants

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