AncestralHistory at the Virginia Beach Genealogical Society's Spring Conference

AncestralHistory Booth 1.JPG

In February, AncestralHistory opened the new year hosting a booth at RootsTech. The national exposure was tremendous. In March 2015, AncestralHistory initiated its micro-marketing effort. Moving forward, AncestralHistory will concentrate on smaller conferences, and on March 22, 2015, a booth was hosted at the Virginia Beach Genealogical Society’s Spring Conference. There are benefits to participating in smaller conferences. It allowed profile coordinators an opportunity to spend more time understanding interested genealogist’s needs. High interest was in profile development, genealogy research, and digitization of photographs and slides. On behalf of the AncestralHistory team, we are grateful for all the interest, the opportunity to participate in the conference, and subscribers of the free profile index. Lastly, we wish to congratulate Jo Given! She won the drawing for a free Value membership. AncestralHistory looks forward to building her Classic profile.

#exhibitionbooth #genealogyconferences #profilecoordinators #digitization #photographs #slides

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