Free Index - How do you use it?

AncestralHistory has compiled a comprehensive database of ancestral people, significant locations, and recognizable organizations. To aide in the building of your family heritage, the AncestralHistory index is designed to help identify your famous ancestors. Some family members (not necessarily famous ancestors) lived in important places and were affiliated with special organizations. Places and affiliations also add to your heritage. To use your free index most effectively, you simply match your ancestral surnames, places, and/or affiliations with the AncestralHistory database. If your ancestor's surname and given name match an AncestralHistory index name, AncestralHistory will validate the information to ensure a match. If the validation is successfully confirmed, AncestralHistory will recommend a historical profile. The profile recommendation will be based upon the amount of information available and obtainable. To aide in the authentication process, dates are included for self-validation.

What if the surname matches, but the given name does not? Very likley, the famous person will be a cousin, aunt, or uncle. You should continue researching your direct ancestors' children to make the connection, but if you don't have time to do the research, AncestralHistory can do it for you.

Once the index connection is made, validations can be purchased, or memberships can be used. With memberships, validations and estimates are unlimited at no additional charge.

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