Profiles: What are they?

AncestralHistory's core service is to provide supplementary historical services for amateur and professional genealogists. Profiles are fact based historical accounts about your notable and famous family ancestors. There are four AncestralHistory profile types.

The Classic profile is a comprehensively researched account of your ancestor's life. To fully discover your ancestor's history and heritage, the analysis is extensive. The Classic profile publication is a brief historical depiction of important events and activities in your ancestor's life.

The Classic profile initiates the Custom profile process. When the Classic profile is issued, important and interesting aspects of your ancestor's life are chosen and a publication developed around them.

The Premium profile is a full historical account of your ancestor. The research time, analysis, and publication of your ancestor is extensive. Like the Custom profile, the Premium profile includes the Classic profile. The Classic profile establishes the publication expectations

Not all ancestors are nationally or internationally famous, but some are important to your family. These are notable ancestors. They are accomplished, loved, and legendary family members. The Living profile is based on the ancestor's family history, lore, and heritage. A living family member recollects events, places, and affiliations about the ancestor's life, and AncestralHistory publishes the account.

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