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With a successful trial run at the Virginia Beach Genealogy Conference, our next objective was to perform a social network experiment.

I've been a member of the LinkedIn professional network for quite some time. The network offers group discussions, and someone with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) established a group with about 2,000 participants. When first exposed to the group, I subscribed to it. With familiarity of the genealogical work performed by the Church, my experiment was to post a description of AncestralHistory to determine whether demand for the services existed within the demographic.

Once the post was made, responses quickly started coming. Many were looking for an AncestralHistory website, and we did not have one. Other discussions were very good and validated demand for services. One person needed assistance with her Philippine genealogy work and another asked for assistance in tracing her Irish ancestors.

While these responses were encouraging, one discussion changed the course of AncestralHistory's future. Mr. Stewart is with Nash Holdings and offered to obtain a website domain name, set up a home page, and seek investors. He quickly responded with a basic website. Encouraged by Mr. Stewart's willingness to assist, AncestralHistory invested in a professional webmaster (Justin), and in the course of about two months, AncestralHistory had a magnificent internet presence.

Divine intervention led AncestralHistory to Justin, and we received far more than imagined. We've had several experiences with so-called "website designers," but most could not deliver and often produced poor results. As all can tell, Justin is extremely creative and technologically talented. Because of his abilities and skills, AncestralHistory now has a professional website and offers website development services. Those wishing to develop or transform a website, AncestralHistory has an outstanding source. Simply email AncestralHistory with your needs and a free estimate will be derived.

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