The Living Profile

I enjoy researching people's lives and writing their stories. For me, it's a natural passion, but was it important to others? To determine whether others might be interested in their notable and famous ancestors, some marketing experimentation was required. Locally, the Virginia Beach Genealogical Society was holding their annual conference. In the past, it was a small venue. This was important, because introducing a new business can be fraught with challenges. At smaller venues, one has a chance to ponder marketing opportunities and time to formulate some solutions. Armed with a few marketing signs and a willingness to learn, I went to work. The venue was perfect, AncestralHistory was the conference's only exhibitor. I had no competition, and I am certain this assisted with the experiment. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of interested people and new memberships. In addition to the memberships, there were requests for genealogical work.

To assist the new members in their quest to find notable or famous ancestors, they were given a disk containing the AncestralHistory index. At the time, there was no website.

In all, the results were encouraging and led to further experimentation. What did we learn? Genealogists are interested in their ancestors' stories. To emphasize the point, many shared their personal accounts. This led to an opportunity. If personal stories are as important to genealogists as famous ancestors, how can AncestralHistory assist these potential patrons? The living profile was born. While these ancestors weren't nationally famous, they were personally notable, and the stories were already researched. AncestralHistory would become their publisher. An opportunity was discovered, and a soultion was formulated.

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