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In 1997, my mother felt a compelling need to research her father's lineage. A California cousin had received some paperwork from the Library of Congress indicating her second great-grandfather (Solomon King: not a typo) had served during the Civil War. Together, we began researching Sol's regimental history and discovered many valiant accounts. His numerous engagements in Virginia and list of distinguished commanders was impressive. Discovering his subordinate relationship with General McClellan, Custer, and Grant was revelatory. Learning about his suicide mission at Gettysburg, his harrowing escape in the Wilderness, his precarious crossing of the James River to cut railrod lines below Petersburg, and his advance engagement at the Spotsylvania Court House elevated his heroic stature within the family.

Living in Virginia and naturally curious, my wife and I began touring Sol's battlefields and campsites. While the stories elevated my adoration for great-grandfather, visiting the sites intensified my genealogical passion. My personal lineage had become a portfolio of unique and personal experiences. Like an exquisite French appetizer before a delightful rack of lamb and asparagus meal smothered in aioli sauce, the site visits became our dessert of delicately flavored orange sorbet. My family tree had become more than a fast meal to satisfy an appetite. It developed into a delectable epic novel. Each of the genealogical research stages led to increased passion and desire.

Feeling exuberant about our lineage, I wondered, "Would other family members be interested in knowing the stories about our notable Civil War hero?" While we visited battle sites and campgrounds, my mother was busy spreading the news about Sol's ventures. In her quest to inform, she found long lost family members and began sharing the news with them. Knowing great-great-great grandfather's muster-in and -out dates, I began telling his story. Through daily emails, I shared his regimental activities. This persisted for three years and was the genesis for AncestralHistory's profile publications.

Today, AncestralHistory publishes three profile accounts for notable and famous family members. The Premium profile is a comprehensive publication about family members. Recently, AncestralHistory published Senator Robert Augustus Toombs II historical account for a family in Califiornia. The research took 232 hours and comprised 18 pages of history spanning his entire life.

Recognizing extensive research is not affordable for all families, AncestralHistory also offers a Custom profile. The Custom profile allows the family to search the topical areas about the notable or famous ancestor and choose the interesting periods in their life for publication. For instance, the ancestor may have been a lawyer, Senator, and General. In addition, the ancestor may have had involvement in the Mexican and Civil Wars. Lastly, the ancestor may have had a close relationship with family, friends, or other famous people. From this list of interesting topical areas, the family would develop a Custom profile choosing as many aspects of their ancestor's life as desired, and a profile would be published about those areas.

For families interested in their ancestor's life while on a limited budget, the Classic profile highlights their ancestor's interesting life experiences. Later, the Classic profile can be used as a menu to develop Custom profiles. It's an affordable way to build a Premium profile over time.

While AncestralHistory offers a full array of genealogical services, the profiles comprise the company's core service. If you are interested in knowing about your notable or famous ancestor's life, AncestralHistory is the source for original and personal family publications. For profile excerpt examples, please see AncestralHistory's "Story" page.

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